Teenagers / Braces


Your child’s teeth at Secondary School – as your child reaches their teens the teeth are particularly vulnerable to changes in your child’s diet, routines and attitude.

Dental diseases are preventable – act now to avoid problems later. Here is a guide to keeping your child’s teeth healthy:

Diet – teens are growing and always hungry. Teeth will decay if kids graze on sweet foods and drinks. Snack on fresh fruit, nuts, cheese and bread. Drink water, milk and tea (no added sugar) between meals. Save sweets, biscuits, juice and fizzy drinks to meal times. Only drink water at night. Chew sugar free gum eg Orbit, Extra or Ice after sweet snacks.

Tooth Brushing – two minutes twice a day. Use a timer or watch – it’s a long time! Consider an electric tooth brush (with built in timer). Use an adult fluoride toothpaste. Spit out but don’t rinse after brushing.  Check out the motivational tool BrushDJ

Avoid Trauma to Teeth – most teens play hockey or rugby at school. Insist on a mouth guard. Whilst it may not be seen to be cool to wear a gum shield it’s certainly not cool to smash your front teeth for life. Choose funky or team colours and see your dentist to get one correctly fitted. Check fit before each new season. See your dentist if teeth get knocked.

Braces – now is the time to find out if teeth need straightening. Waiting lists for orthodontics can be very long – plan ahead – ask your dentist. Get your teeth checked regularly; get the right advice early to prevent problems and avoid unnecessary time off school.

Orthodontic treatment (braces) is available, when necessary, within the practice and we also have full access to the NHS referral service. Carrie Preston has been a Clinical Assistant in Orthodontics since 1998 at Cheltenham General Hospital, carrying out a range of fixed (train track) and removable brace treatments.

Click here to view the British Orthodontic Society public pages for more information regarding braces and orthodontic treatments.