Treatment Needed?


Should your child require dental treatment we aim to provide this to highest standards in a relaxed, calm and friendly environment. Full explanation will be given to you and your child and every effort made to ensure the experience is as positive as possible.

shipston_dental_25One of our dentists, Carrie Preston, has a long standing special interest in children’s dentistry and has many years’ experience of treating children with the assistance of Inhalation Sedation (Relative Analgesia or RA). This is similar to the gas and air used by women in labour/child birth and is used to reduce stress and anxiety, to help relaxation during dental treatment and to promote a feeling of comfort and well-being. This effective procedure is very safe (hence the use in labour), has no side effects and is very popular with children – children often ask to come back for more! It is a very good tool, along with good patient management, for helping anxious children (and adults) through their treatment and ensuring they are happy and willing to come back in the future.

Carrie has completed the Eastman Dental Institute’s year long course to achieve the UCL Certificate in Paediatric Dentistry and has also worked under the team of consultants on the Paediatric Department at Birmingham Dental Hospital. Using Inhalation Sedation (where appropriate), behavioural management techniques and good old-fashioned TLC she has successfully managed to treat many children who would have otherwise required a general anaesthetic for extraction of many of their primary teeth.

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