Bespoke Sports Mouth Guards


Rugby-League-2013-1Custom made mouth guards are worn by amateur and professional players in rugby, boxing, martial arts, hockey etc.

If you play a contact sport there’s a 10 in 1 chance of sustaining an injury to your mouth or jaw during the playing season, and over a playing career the odds are as low as 2 or 3 to 1. That’s what the experts say, but they also say that such injuries could be almost totally prevented by wearing a well fitting mouth guard.

At Shipston Dental Practice we can provide a Lynxsport mouth guard that is custom made for you in soft thermoplastic from an impression of your mouth taken by your dentist or hygienist. It will, therefore, fit your teeth and gums exactly and comfortably, holding lips, tongue and cheeks away from your teeth and cushioning any blow to that area.

Lynxsport is our preferred brand because it combines protection with comfort. Your mouth guard can be transparent or any colour(s) you choose – team colours being an obvious favourite, and it comes in a handy, hygienic plastic container.

Contact our reception for further details and an appointment for impressions.

rugby_club_promo_400Our sponsorship of Shipston Rugby Club with the message “KEEP YOUR SMILE WHERE IT BELONGS – WEAR A MOUTH GUARD!” Prevention really is better than cure.