Implants, Bridges and Dentures are all devices used for replacing missing teeth.  They may be employed separately or in combination with each other and are able to restore great aesthetics and function.

A wide range of materials and technologies may be employed for replacing  teeth and so a meticulous design process is undertaken to identify the very best options available.  As part of this, careful consideration is given to understand and address your individual needs ensuring the solution provided is the most appropriate for you.

We will be very happy to arrange a consultation to help you identify the optimal solutions most suited to your personal requirements.

Implants act like artificial roots which can be used to support and retain replacement teeth. They have an excellent long term success rate and avoid having to remove any natural tooth tissue, which can be a necessary part of many denture and tooth supported bridge designs.

Bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that provide replacement for one or more missing teeth using anchorage from in front or behind the gap being filled.  Very often this anchorage is provided by natural teeth but dental implants may also be used.

Dentures are similar to bridges but are removable and occupy a little more space in the mouth.  Very often some form of clip-in design is used, providing a secure and stable fit.  When designed carefully and manufactured by skilled dental technicians they are extremely natural in appearance and are excellent devices for replacing multiple missing teeth.